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What functions are included in the Aztrom software?
The Aztrom report is designed to be easy to use. All customer management is performed automaticly upon information entry. Once client information is entered, the software provides the following: 1. Contract ready to sign 2. Cover page describing content 3. Invoice for customer 4. 1x3 mailing labels 5. Contact manager (Realtors, attorneys ETC.) 6. Work order describing all details on customer, house, agents involved, closing information 7. Accounts receivables report with date range option 8. Performace report with date range options 9. Fully automated report summary page 10. System backup 11. Full learning library that can be work along while viewing 12. Free toll free telephone support 1-704-785-9068 13. Free support through the "customer service" portal located on front page
How is Aztrom any easier than any other report software?
Aztrom uses drop and choose functions along with automated disclosure insertion. Although drop and choose may be on other softwares, Aztrom uses one screen functionality. You don't have to navigate in and out of various windows to create a particular report. navigating in and out of windows, for example, on a structure report you can loose you place and focus. With Aztrom Once your in the structure window you stay in the structure window.
How fast can I get reporting?
Depending on individual learning curve you can reporting the day you recieve the software. After completing 2 practice reports you should be ready to take to the field. If you are doing reports at office you are as good as ready. Aztrom provides a full set of tutorials and you have live access 704-785-9068 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday thru Friday and 8:00 until 12:00 Saturadys eastern time.
You can find a sample of the report under the Report Features Category. Just click the link to the right to view a featured clip. You can also find a sample report by going to and type in the keycode: tomadams142
What do I need to run the reporting software?
Windows 2000, XP, or Vista. Aztrom uses Microsoft Word 2003 or 2007 and a PDF writer (Recommend win2pdf).
What is win2pdf ?
Win2pdf is a pdf writer available at Most any computer can read a PDF. However, a computer cannot convert a document to a PDF without a PDF writer. Once you purchase Win2pdf you are able to convert any document into a pdf formate via your printer port. Because the pdf writer is produced through the printer port you have to purchase win2pdf separate. win2pdf is $35.00 for the standard version.
Why do I need a PDF writer?
As a home inspector, you want to guard from anyone changing or altering a document. If you email (for example) in a word doc. the receiver can alter your text or image. Converting the doc. to a pdf file the receiver cannot tamper with the document.
Can I use Aztrom without a pdf writer?
YES. You will have full functionality with the exception of combining all reports together for one click print.
What is the true cost of the software?
$479.00 + $35.00 win2pdf. There are no other costs.
Are there any costs for support?
Yes. With the purchase of the Aztrom software, all users recieve free support for one year. Any Aztrom upgrades are free with the purchase of the software. After the year is fulfilled, there is a 65$ per hour charge for phone support. The tutorial videos are free to watch for any users and cover in detail all aspects for the software. The average learning curve is 10-30 days. There are no hidden costs or fees. We are available to answer any questions by email or phone Monday thru Friday from 8:00a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST and Saturdays from 8:30a.m. to 12:00p.m. EST.
Can I put the Aztrom Software on my desktop and my laptop?
Yes. When you buy the full version of Aztrom you can put it on your laptop and your desktop at no extra charge.
Do I have an option to use your software on a trial basis?
Yes. You can use the free trial version of Aztrom for as long as you like. When you are ready to upgrade to the full version of the Aztrom reporting software the, trial version is converted into the full version. With the trial version of Aztrom, you can create, print, even upload a report.
Does your software work with Windows Vista?
Aztrom is fully compatible with Vista!
Can I add more templates to the report? Is the Aztrom software customizable to fit my needs?
Absolutely. The beauty of the Aztrom software is that it is customizable. If you do not like how something is worded or you want to add more templates, you can!
Why is my contact/realtor not showing up on my work order/client information page
You must select that particular contact by clicking on the Buyers Agent button and selecting the contact from the list - after selecting your contact, always hit the save button. If your contact list is lengthy, then type in the first few letters of the contacts first name and then hit the Buyers Agent button and you will see the names that start with those particular letters. Do the same for Listing Company and/or Attorneys name.
Why is my name not appearing on my report after i have already typed my name into the inspector line of the work order?
First, you must set yourself up as an inspector under the contacts. After you have set yourself and any other inspectors that work for you up in the contact section, you can then select your name from the inspector list. Click on the inspector button and then double click on your name. Be sure to hit the save button after you make any changes.
Why will my trial version of Aztrom not allow me to print or upload a full report?
The trial version of Aztrom is just that - it is designed to give you full access to the inspection reporting portion of the Aztrom software to determine if Aztrom meets your inspection reporting needs and style. The Aztrom trial can easily be made fully funtional by purchasing the full version of the software for only $479.00.
Do you have to use the reference guide you advertise with the report?
No. The Aztrom software can be used with or without the reference guides.